Our Industry-Focused Services provide our clients with the support they need – whether in the boardroom or on the factory floor – regardless of the size of the business.

Criminal law
  • Bail applications
  • Diversion applications
  • Drunk driving matters
  • Minor criminal offences

Civil Law
  • Urgent Applications
  • Rescission of judgment
  • Security of cost application
  • Default judgment applications

Matrimonial & family law
  • Rule 43 applications
  • Divorces
  • Curator ad litem applications
  • Maintenance pendente lite

Employer proceedings
  • Inquiry by arbitrator proceedings
  • Drafting of contracts of employment
  • Investigations of misconduct
  • Drafting of disciplinary policies

Company laws
  • Court order to begin Business Rescue
  • Liquidations company and corporations
  • Converting a corporation to a company
  • Registration of companies

General Blacklisting Clearances and Account Updates

Our firm legally assists consumers with the removal and clearance of general blacklistings listed on a consumer’s credit profile and records.

Debt Review Cancellations – and Clearance

Our firm specialises in all consumer-creditor related matters including legal services and assistance with the removal and clearance of debt review listings.

Prescribed Debts

In terms of the South African credit law most debts will expire or prescribe after a three-year period, if the consumer did not interrupt this prescription period by…

Medical Malpractice and- Negligence

Medical malpractice can be described as a negligent medical act that is a violation of the acceptable standards of treatment in the medical profession, or an…

Employment Law

Current available statistics show that Employers who are not represented only enjoy a 36% success rate with regards to awards being awarded in their favour.

Planning of Human Resources and Labour Relations Practices

Besides litigation and labour dispute resolution, we also assist businesses in the planning of proper human resources and labour relations practices in both the commercial and…

General Litigation

Magistrate and High Court Litigation in Pretoria and Johannesburg, Liquidations of companies, close corporations and / or sequestrations of sole proprietors,Contractual disputes…

  • Advice on immigration offences
  • Employer’s duties & obligations
  • Common visa issues
  • Retiring in South Africa

Unlawful Arrests and Detention

If you have been arrested for something you did not do, or arrested and detained in a wrongful manner and on unlawful grounds, then you may have…