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Medical malpractice can be described as a negligent medical act that is a violation of the acceptable standards of treatment in the medical profession, or an omission of proper medical care. It occurs when a medical professional’s conduct do not meet the accepted standards of practice.
The negligent conduct can take various forms resulting into the patient’s death or injury, such as:

  • a doctor’s or nurse’s incompetence,
  • following of incorrect medical procedures or treatment,
  • incorrect or errors in diagnosis,
  • treatment or management of health- and medical conditions,
  • failure to obtain a patient’s informed consent before undertaking a procedure or operation.

The injured party must have sustained financial damage or loss for which financial compensation can be awarded.
We offer legal assistance to victims of medical negligence through litigation and legal settlement negotiations to obtain compensation from the offending party or parties such as medical- professionals, practitioners and institutions.


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